TPO Roof Installation, Repairs and Maintenance in the El Paso Area

When it comes to commercial roofing options, there are many options available. Flat and and low sloped roofs alike can benefit from TPO roof installation services from MAK Roofing & Construction. We can also tend to any TPO roof repair or maintenance needs. Commercial buildings in the El Paso face near constant sunshine all year long. Make sure your building’s roof has the strength necessary to take on whatever nature throws its way. TPO roofing systems reflect ultraviolet which leads to a cooler roof. Without TPO roofing, your ceiling will retain the heat which will in turn raise the building’s indoor temperature. TPO roofing trumps all these issues by making your building as energy efficient as possible.

tpo white roof top of a commercial building

Why TPO Roofs are Your Top Option

TPO, short for thermoplastic polyolefin, is a single-ply roofing membrane system that is both easy to install and incredibly resilient. TPO is comprised of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber which translates to low costs and proven durability. Although TPO roofs tend to come in white, other color options are available.

TPO roofs offer the following benefits:

  • Strong puncture resistance
  • UV ray reflection leads to a cooler roof
  • Environmentally friendly option
  • Exceptional flexibility through extreme temperatures
  • Strong seams

Many of the benefits linked to TPO roofs seem similar to those provided by PVC roofing systems. What sets these two options apart, however, is the cost. TPO roofing costs much less than PVC, while providing the same benefits! TPO roof installation is also easy and effective.

TPO Roof Installation and Maintenance Services in El Paso

In order to fully benefit from TPO roofing, it’s necessary for it to be installed properly. MAK Roofing & Construction specializes in all roofing maintenance needs. In fact, TPO roofing is one of our many specialties! It’s time for your commercial building to reap the benefits of TPO roofing. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!