The Beauty of Artificial Grass

artificial grass playgroundWest Texas endures a wide range of weather conditions that affect you and your property in equally as many ways. Snow, drought, wind, rain, and dust storms all affect our area, so preparing your property to weather the climate year after year can help you avoid facing expensive repairs. Artificial grass keeps your yard looking immaculate year round and saves you from worrying about maintaining finicky grass. Learn more here about the advantages and practicality of artificial grass.

Attractive and Cost Effective

Artificial grass made its debut in 1966 at the Houston Astrodome. Since then, artificial grass has evolved into a life-like low maintenance application, for homes and stadiums alike.

  • Artificial grass is safe for children and pets. Little feet will no longer track in mud and dirt after a storm!
  • Artificial grass does not need to be watered, weeded, or mowed. This saves you money and helps protect the environment by using less water, less fuel, and less harsh chemicals.
  • While it is self draining, artificial grass does occasionally need to be sprayed down with water and a recommended cleaning agent, especially if you have pets.
  • Artificial grass is available in many shades, as well as two or three shades blended together to create a more dimensional appearance.
  • For added softness and comfort, artificial grass is laid with an infill material, such as recycled ground rubber bits or sand,

For more information on artificial grass for your home or stadium, call our team today at (915) 691-0532! Save money on lawn care and reclaim your yard for you and your family to enjoy.