Stucco Exterior Installation Services in the El Paso Area

Homes in the Southwest face their own challenges throughout the year. The arid, dry climate can make it difficult for certain building materials to fare well in this location. The near-constant sunlight can also lead to detrimental issues. There is an option available for homeowners in the El Paso area to protect their homes from high temperatures and constant sunshine. This option is, of course, stucco. Consisting of cement, lime, and silica, stucco exteriors are applied in several layers over wood or metal lath. Once applied, stucco will form a concrete shell around the building. Stucco homes won’t require as much energy to remain cool or warm, in the summer and winter respectively. If you’re ready to boost your home’s efficiency, choose MAK Roofing & Construction as your stucco exterior contractor.

worker installing stucco onto wall

Easily Maintain Your Home’s Interior Temperature

Stucco was practically made for homes in the Southwest. The main benefit of stucco stems from its ability to insulate a home. Proper insulation helps homeowners cut back on air conditioner use. Anyone who’s lived in El Paso for an extended period of time knows just how hot it can get. For many homeowners, the air conditioner runs on a near constant basis. It the home isn’t properly insulated with stucco, the indoor temperature will rise in the summer and drop in the winter. Proper insulation keeps air conditioned air inside while defending your home from the temperatures outside. This will help homeowners cut down on energy use and, in turn, lead to lower energy bills.

Other Benefits of Stucco Exteriors

The benefits of stucco go much further than insulation. Stucco acts as a great soundproofing barrier so if you live in a busy neighborhood or across from the freeway, stucco can turn your home into a quiet, insulated space. Stucco also resists rot, mold and mildew. Even though El Paso is more dry than wet, these issues can still affect homes and businesses in the area. With stucco, your building can have an added layer of protection against a myriad of issues. On top of it all, stucco is very easy to maintain and can last up to 50 years.

Stucco Exterior Installation Services for Your El Paso Home

Stucco installation is quick, taking about a day or two on average. It can work for a variety of different homes and businesses. Since stucco goes on the exterior of the building, you’ll have the ability to decide its color. Stucco can be mixed to yield the exact color you’re after. Once installed, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of stucco. Since it’s such a long lasting material, stucco will literally stick around for decades and decades. If you ever grow tired of the exterior’s color, it can be changed easily. But, in order to benefit fully from stucco, it’s necessary to team up with an experienced contractor to complete the installation project. MAK Roofing & Construction has been serving the El Paso area since 2011. Contact us today if you’re ready to bask in the glory and benefits of a new stucco exterior.