Your El Paso Spray Rubber Roofing Installation Provider

When it comes to flat roofs, there are many coating options available. But one option stands above and beyond the most popular choices. Spray rubber roofing, from MAK Roofing & Construction, is eco friendly and highly efficient. Due to its incredibly simple installation process, spray foam can go where typical asphalt roofing cannot. This is due to spray rubber’s flexible nature. The ease of installation and long list of benefits make spray rubber roofing systems a top choice for commercial buildings in the Southwest area. If you’re ready to benefit from spray rubber roofing, choose MAK Roofing & Construction in El Paso.

sprayed rubber roof

What Exactly Is Spray Rubber Roofing?

How could a rubber spray be eco friendly? Spray rubber roofing is made from recycled tires, sawdust, and slate dust. This means we give new life to previously discarded materials that might’ve ended up in a landfill somewhere. Instead, these materials will join together to create an incredible spray rubber roofing material that will greatly benefit your commercial building.

Commercial buildings, especially those in the El Paso area, require as much protection as possible. Flat roofs face a constant barrage of UV rays every day. If your roof is without any protection, it will simply consume and retain all the heat from the sun. This heat will the permeate throughout the building, resulting in higher energy costs to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. Spray rubber roofing can deter all the harmful UV rays while helping your roof maintain a cool, comfortable temperature.

How Spray Rubber Roofing Benefits Commercial Spaces in El Paso

Not only does spray rubber roofing reflect UV rays, it also serves as impenetrable sealing which reduces leaking. This single-ply synthetic membrane is strong, waterproof, and pliant. Once installed, your commercial building’s roof will be as efficient as possible. When a commercial roof faces leaks, the entire building will suffer. Proper sealing will keep your roof free from any leaks so no air will leak through, and your building will run at optimal efficiency.

Spray rubber is also waterproof. El Paso’s desert environment may place us in a false sense of security. Although the Southwest weather tends to be dry and arid, it can still get unbelievably rainy from time to time throughout the year. Spray rubber roofing systems are waterproof which means they can take on even the most dramatic downpours. The desert will get wet, your commercial space will remain as dry as it’s meant to be.