Your El Paso Spray Foam Roofing Contractors

For nearly a decade, MAK Roofing & Construction has provided spray foam installation and repair services to the El Paso area. Spray foam roofing is a cost-effective, long-lasting roofing solution for home and business owners. Spray foam roofing (known as SPF roofing, for short) is a material that is applied directly to your current roofing system. Since it can adhere to almost any material, SPF roofing allows for installation over wood, concrete, metal and all other roofing types. Not only are SPF roofs extremely durable and waterproof, they also add incredible insulation to your home. By choose an experienced spray foam roofing contractor, home and business owners in El Paso can reap all the benefits of SPF roofing.

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The Spray Foam Roofing Installation Process

The spray foam installation process begins by applying a liquid, known as spray polyurethane foam to your roof. This liquid is applied across the entire roofing system in order to fill cracks and crevices. As the liquid dries, it will expand to 30 times its original volume. Once the liquid dries completely, the end result will be a closed cell, monolithic roofing system. During our installation process, we will ensure that the proper thickness is applied across the entire roofing system. The proper thickness varies from roof to roof. A protective coat, most commonly of elastomeric coating or gravel, will be added to ensure the roof will be capable of handling all weathering. This coat also solidifies the waterproofing effect of the spray foam.

The Benefits of Spray Foam Roofing

Spray foam roofing systems are sustainable for a wide range of commercial, agricultural, industrial, and residential applications. Since this advanced insulation and roofing system can be applied to any shape and substrate, it can seal the building envelope. This stops heat transfer through the roof deck, minimizes air conditioned air from escaping, and restricts unconditioned air from entering the building. Simply put, SPF roofing is one of the best insulators against the near-constant El Paso heat. Since SPF roofing installation doesn’t require tear-off of the old roofing system, it’s a simple option for anyone who’s looking to boost their building’s energy savings. The following are some of the most present benefits of spray foam roofing:

  • Lightweight
  • Self-flashing
  • Leak resistant
  • Highly wind resistant
  • Weather resistant

Spray Foam Roofing Installation in the El Paso Area

Spray foam roofing is an excellent option in the El Paso area for a variety of reasons, chief among them being the incredible overall resistance to heat and weather. El Paso witnesses high temperatures not just in the summer but all year long. If your building has no line of defence against the heat, you’ll find yourself paying too much to keep your air conditioner running. Spray foam roofing can drastically cut down on energy use by insulating the roof. The coating stops air from escaping while reflecting a high percentage of ultraviolet radiation. Once installed, your building will be able to remain comfortable even during hottest summer days. With the added benefits of weather and leak proofing, spray foam roofing is simply an awesome choice.