Wood Roofs

El Paso Wood Roofs: Maintenance and Repairs

Although not as frequently used as they once were in the past, wood roofs are a beautiful roofing system that are still found on many homes. If you are in need of wood roofs maintenance and repairs in El Paso, talk to our roofing experts today. They are the best roofers around. We have experience working on the myriad of wood roofing materials and can help you retain the beauty of your home’s wood roof. We also can handle the installation of a new wood roofing system on your home if it is an option you would like to explore.

Wood Roofs: Materials

10902081_sWood roofing is created from a myriad of wood materials such as cedar, cypress, pine, redwood and more. Wood roofing has been used extensively throughout history and is well known for its beauty and warm qualities. It can be a wonderful choice for a home that is styled to look natural and blend in well with its organic surroundings.

Wood roofs are created with either shingles or shakes. A wood shingle is a sawn product. A wood shake however is created by splitting logs. Both are formed in a way to create texture. They are edge grain cut also which helps prevent wood warping or unwanted splitting. Because of the difference in each cut of wood, each wood roof looks distinct when examined closely enough. Some people prefer this personalized appeal.

Wood roofs are a fairly durable roof and weather well. They can withstand very high winds and are extremely hail resistant due to the tough material they are created with. However, wood roofs do require routine maintenance to prevent the following pitfalls:

  • Warping from water
  • The growth of moss
  • The growth of algae
  • The accumulation of debris

If your home currently has a wood roof and you have not recently had it inspected, please contact us for maintenance services. We can handle any wood roof maintenance or repairs in El Paso and are well versed in all wood material types. We can help you ensure your wood roof remains in tip top condition and continues to serve your home for years to come.

MAK Roofing & Construction truly is the number one choice in El Paso for wood roofs installation, repairs & maintenance.