Roof Maintenance

El Paso Roof Maintenance Program

The way to effectively extend the life of any business asset is regular maintenance. The same goes for your commercial roof. A roof that is professionally maintained can last well past its initial warranty period. Plus, taking care of your roof can mean replacement is years away, allowing the use of capital for other business expenses. Having a commercial roof maintenance program in El Paso is a major part of a cost-conscious plan for any business operation. MAK Roofing and Construction can design a custom roof maintenance program in El Paso to fit any business and budget.

A commercial roof should, ideally, be inspected at least twice a year, generally in the spring and in the fall. Most roof warranties include maintenance guidelines that must be met to keep the warranty effective. In some cases, enrolling in a commercial roof maintenance program can actually extend your warranty.

Picture of an EPDM roof

Professional Roof Maintenance

Besides regular roof inspections, maintenance and repairs, building managers can extend a commercial roof’s service life by initiating rules like no smoking on the roof, walking only in designated areas, regularly clearing drains and not leaving tools or equipment on the roof.

An initial comprehensive evaluation of your commercial roof is the first step toward a new commercial roof maintenance program. The evaluation should include a detailed report of the roof’s condition, age, size, and the type of roofing material.

Since commercial roof systems are complicated the preferred way to protect your investment is by hiring a professional roofing contractor rather than leaving the responsibility to a building maintenance crew. At MAK Roofing and Construction our commercial roof maintenance program in El Paso is designed to keep our clients’ roofs in top-notch shape so they can spend their time and resources growing their businesses. Call (915) 691-0532 for more information.