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El Paso Roof Coating Installation

Roof coating can be a critical step to imparting durability to your roof. Coating can be done at any point in the life of the roof, however, with technological advancements and new coating formulations, the process should be handled by experts. Call the pros at MAK Roofing and Construction, your roof coating installation company in El Paso. Roof coatings go on as a liquid, and, when dry, become a seamless layer that prolongs your roof’s life. It’s an economical solution for myriad types of roofs, including BUR, modified bitumen, metal, cement and EPDM.

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A major benefit of roof coating is money savings. A high-quality roof coating can regenerate an old, atrophying roof into an attractive, functional roof for considerably less than the cost of a new roof.

Professional Roof Coating

Another roof coating advantage is that the roof receives increased protection. Any roof is continuously exposed to sunlight and harmful ultra violet rays. That exposure to tiles, shingles, or other material gets oxidized, leading to chemical breakdown. Besides sun damage, rain and moisture can harm roofs.

Due to the elasticity of many roof coatings, they stretch in the heat of the day, then shrink back to the original size when the air cools at night. Elastomeric coatings also feature high wind resistance since they are fully adhered to the roof, they are effective at resisting dust and they don’t add dead weight to your roofing system.

Basic maintenance for your roof is crucial, but often neglected. Installing a roof coating adds an additional membrane to effectively protect from sun and water damage. The thickness of roof coating typically ranges from that of paint to more than 40 mils dry to protect from UV rays, hail and water damage.

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