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Flat Roof Replacement in El Paso

There are lots of variables when discussing the options for flat roof systems. That’s why it’s good to have a professional like those at MAK Roofing and Construction to advise you. They’re experts at flat roof repair and replacement in El Paso.

There are five different types of flat roof systems for repair and replacement, each with their own set of advantages and benefits. They are built-up roof membranes, modified bitumen sheet membranes, single ply membranes including thermoplastic membranes like PVC and TPO and thermoset membranes like EPDM, spray poly urethane foam and metal panel systems.

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The ease of installation, affordability and quality of the materials have made the membranes commonplace in commercial applications. Most membrane systems consist of three main components: 1. The weatherproofing layer that keeps water from getting into the roof assembly; 2. The reinforcement layer that adds puncture resistance and stability; and 3. The surface layer that keeps sunlight and weather from damaging the other layers. Some surfacing layers provide resistance from fire, foot traffic damage, hail, as well as solar reflectivity.

Expert Flat Roof Repair

Another major consideration for commercial flat roofs is weatherproofing. Because flat roofs do not slope, rainwater can pond and, without properly installed waterproofing, could cause serious damage to the roof, the building, and it’s contents.

MAK Roofing and Construction’s staff of experienced roofing professionals is among the most thoroughly trained anywhere. We feel our thorough training should be an important factor in deciding who should repair or replace your flat roof.

We pledge that no matter which roofing system is right for your building, you have a thorough understanding of everything involved in the installation of that roof. We want you to be glad you called MAK Roofing and Construction for flat roof repair and replacement in El Paso.