Cool Roofs

Cool Roofs Installation

cool roof/flat roofWith energy costs on the rise, many have turned to cool roofs to help lower their cooling costs. With the hot summers of El Paso, cool roof installation is an energy saving alternative to traditional roofing. Because the sun’s rays beat down on your roof all day throughout the summer, much of the heating in your home or business comes from the heat of the roof. If you can reflect more of the sun’s rays from your roof, you can in turn rid your home of a large amount of heat entrance. These reflective roofs are known as “cool roofs.” Call your cool roof installation and repair company, MAK Roofing and Construction.

Cool roofs traditionally are white and are often used on flat roofing for commercial buildings. However, with their rise in popularity, cool roofs now come in a myriad of stylistic options and there are residential choices available also.

There are many different types of cool roofs. Some are made of highly reflective paint. This paint can be applied to an existing roof. Others are comprised of reflective tiles or shingles. One of the most common choices is cool roof coatings. These coatings are traditionally white (though other options exist) and are comprised of special pigments that reflect the sun. A coating is similar to a thick paint.¬†Coatings can protect your roof’s surface from UV light. They also will protect your roof from chemical damage and often provide water protection.¬†A roof coating to create a cool roof is a great option for someone with a preexisting roof that needs revamping.

Cool Roof Maintenance

Once you have had a cool roof properly installed on your business or home, they are fairly easy to maintain. But as with any roofing system it is always good to have a professional asses your roof from time to time. We can provide you with a free estimate to determine if your cool roof needs routine maintenance. If you continue to upkeep your cool roof it will not only save you energy costs, but will be a long lasting roofing solution.

If you are interested in learning more about the installation of a cool roof on your home or business, please give us a call. We can sit down with you and explore the options available in your area. We will be happy to assess your energy costs and discuss the energy savings a cool roof could potentially provide for your building.

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