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Roof coating is an invaluable asset to commercial buildings in the El Paso area. These buildings experience high temperatures and near-constant, harmful sunlight on a daily basis. This causes the indoor temperature to increase, resulting in higher air conditioner usage throughout the day. Roof coating can greatly reduce the roof’s heat absorption, giving commercial buildings the ability to cut down on their energy use. With the aid of roof coatings, home and business owners can greatly increase the durability of their roofing systems. Since coating services can be performed at any point during the lifespan of a roof, today is a good a time as ever to coat your roof! MAK Roofing & Construction can provide expert roof coating services.

el paso roof coating

Understanding The Roof Coating Process

At MAK Roofing & Construction, we use technologically advanced coating processes and boast new coating formulations to perfectly suit the needs of our clients in El Paso. All roof coatings go on as a liquid. Once dry, the coating becomes a seamless layer that will prolong the life of the roof. Roof coating is a particularly economical solution for flat commercial roofs. The coating process quick and seamless. Once applied, coating can turn worn-down roofs into functional, useful roofs for a much more affordable cost than that of replacing the roof entirely. Coating also provides the roof with increased protection from sunlight and harmful ultraviolet rays. Since flat roofs are constantly exposed to bright sunshine, they deserve as much help as they can get. Coating can also protect roofs from rain and moisture damage.

The Great Benefits of Roof Coating

Due to the elastic nature of roof coatings, they stretch in the heat during the day and shrink back to their original size when the air cools at night. Elastomeric coatings feature high wind resistance since they fully adhere to the roof. This option is effective at resisting dust and won’t add dead weight to the roofing system. There are many roof coating options available for home and business owners to add a much-needed layer of extra protection to their roofing system. Roof coating is a long-lasting, easy to install option that not only rejuvenates your roof, it can also lead to energy savings. Since the coating protects your roof from up to 85 percent of the sun’s rays, it can cut your building’s air conditioning costs by up to 30 percent.

Roof Coating Services in the El Paso Area

If you’re ready to increase the lifespan of your roof while arming it with strong defences against heat, wind, leaks, and solar radiation, contact MAK Roofing & Construction. As an El Paso-based team, we understand the issues our clients face throughout the year. This allows us to provide the necessary services to increase your roof’s lifespan. Professional roof coating services from MAK Roofing & Construction will lead to a more efficient building that will be safe from harm. A layer of coating shields your roof from high temperatures to hail damage and everything in between. Roof coatings aren’t exclusively for commercial buildings. Residential roofs can also benefit from coating services. Contact MAK Roofing & Construction today for a free estimate.