Remodeling Trends On The Rise

TrendsYou’re on the path to turning your home into your dream house. Getting your home remodeling is an exciting and innovative time.  If you are just getting started, it can be hard to get into the creative design groove. Checking on the latest trends can give you some inspiration as to how you want to start design within your home. Remember, the important thing is to bring your style into your living space. Its your home, and remodeling helps you make it even more personal. 

Current Remodeling Trends

Painting: The Accent Wall


Painting your walls your favorite colors is a good way of livening up a room. Add a little pop to your color game by creating an entire room dynamic with an accent wall. This draws your guests eyes to a particular part of a room or can even tie together different pieces of furniture with a room. Try colors together and see what interesting dynamic you can create!

Bathrooms: Stand-alone Tubs And Showers

Claw-foot and stand alone tubs are receiving a return to popularity. Not only are they fabulously relaxing, but they add a touch of style to your restroom. A surprising bathroom trend, however, is the rise in stand alone showers. The addition of these allow you to get in, get out, and get ready to go quickly.

Kitchens: Room To Breathe

trendsNo one likes a cramped kitchen. People have begun not only adding more counter space such as islands and different counter-tops, but also have been opening up their kitchen more, giving yourself more room to breathe but sacrificing none of the family aspect of the kitchen itself. Consider elongating the kitchen if possible along the back wall and opening the other side into a dining area.

Throughout The Home: Little Details

As we said, remodeling your home is all about bringing your special touch to your home. adding little details can make all the difference in giving your home a certain atmosphere. From small design on the stairs in your home to placement of plants, have fun with your home’s design potential.

The most important aspect of home remodeling is this: remember to have fun! Done looking at design trends and want to start on your remodel project? Call MAK Roofing & Construction Today at 915-691-0532!