Remodeling Services for Homes in the El Paso Area

MAK Roofing & Construction provides all-encompassing remodeling services to the El Paso area. When it comes to finding the right remodeling contractor for the job, it’s necessary to choose a team with the right experience for the tasks at hand. Remodeling can increase your home’s value. But before your home achieves that distinction, the job must be done correctly. The MAK Roofing & Construction team has been providing excellent remodeling services to homeowners in El Paso since 2011. No matter what you require, our team will provide the most complete remodeling services. Our end goal is your satisfaction.

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Home Additions Provided by MAK Roofing & Construction

Through home addition, homeowners in the El Paso area can customize their homes to suit their needs perfectly. MAK Roofing & Construction understands the needs and wants of El Paso’s homeowners. The following are some of the most popular addition options we have to offer:

  • Patios

    • Take full advantage of the beautiful El Paso sunsets by adding a beautiful new patio to your home. Patios can add a certain charm to any home’s backyard. Let our team create a new place for friends and family to commune and relax.

  • Stucco

    • If you’d like to add a layer of strength and beauty to your home, consider stucco. This siding material is made of Portland cement, lime, and water. Once applied, it provides a solid and durable home exterior that resists fire and requires low maintenance. Since stucco is a great insulator of warm and cool air, it gives El Paso homeowners the ability to maintain a comfortable, constant indoor temperature.

  • Porches

    • By adding a new porch or remodeling your home’s current porch, you can increase curb appeal while adding a touch of originality. Homes in the El Paso area can benefit greatly from porch addition. MAK Roofing & Construction will gladly add the porch of your dreams to your home.

  • Tile

    • Tile flooring is durable and easier to clean than carpet. If you’re looking to replace your home’s flooring with high-quality tile, choose MAK Roofing & Construction.
  • Windows
    • Windows play a big role in maintaining your home’s indoor temperature. Old or faulty windows can account for loss of air conditioner air which leads to higher energy bills. Whether you need new windows installed or you’d like to remodel your home’s windows, we can help.

  • Painting

    • A fresh coat of paint can quickly rejuvenate any home. MAK Roofing & Construction offers interior and exterior painting services so your home can look exactly how you want it to.

Interior & Exterior

MAK Roofing & Construction provides interior and exterior remodeling services for homes in the El Paso area. The following are some of the installation options we have to offer:

Make Your Home Beautiful

Time and time again, MAK Roofing & Construction ranks at the top of the class when it comes to customer satisfaction. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, our team is qualified and skilled for the job. Contact us today for a free estimate.