Is Your Roof Well Ventilated?

Home in Autumn WeatherMaking sure your roof has plenty of ventilation can prevent many issues and expensive repairs for your roof. Having proper temperatures and airflow inside your attic will make a difference in the quality of your roofing structure.

Why is Ventilation Important?

Having adequate ventilation in the attic ensures that the temperature stays balanced no matter the season or weather changes are happening outside. Without ventilation, your attic will become too hot in the summer and can see an increase in moisture during the winter. These temperature changes not only have negative effects on your roof but you’ll see problems arise in your home as well.

Issues Caused By Poor Ventilation

The damages the temperature can cause to your roof include mildew and wood rot from an increase in moisture and dampness in the attic. The excessive heat in the summer can cause the framing and decking your roof is comprised of to warp.

The extra heat in the summer can cause your air conditioner to lose efficiency as it begins working harder to keep the house cool with the heated air seeping from the attic. In the winter, the heat in the attic can result in excess moisture that can ruin the wood and insulation in the attic which leads to leaks.

Repairing the Damage

If you were to compare the cost of fixing the ventilation problem to making repairs due to the damage caused by it, you’ll find that having the ventilation in your attic improved will cost much less. Not sure if your roof has enough ventilation? You can have your roof and attic inspected to ensure there is optimal airflow.

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