Home Construction: What is Drywall?

What is Drywall?

Many homeowners want to know “What is drywall?” — it is a calcium sulfate panel used  for wall construction

Drywall is a kind of material made from calcium sulfate and other components, primarily used to construct interior walls. Drywall continues to ascend as the most popular construction and remodeling material on the market. One of the main factors in drywall’s popularity is its efficient installation time. At MAK Roofing and Construction, we install and repair drywall in El Paso TX. Here are some of the primary benefits of drywall:

Energy Effeciant

Drywall is known for its insulation power. By constraining airflow within the walls, homeowners will find themselves less likely to crank up the AC during the dead of summer, and less likely to blast the furnace temperature during the colder winter months. Although the actual money savings might seem pedestrian at first, over time you will notice a significant difference.

Fast Installation

The primary reason for the boost in drywall’s popularity, is the speed at which it can be installed. With a high demand for houses, expedient construction became a very profitable business proposition. Not only does it allow construction companies to accomplish more projects in a given time period, but it allows homeowners to see quick results, and make a quicker transition.

Low Maintenance

Dry Wall is easier to repair than other construction materials. Plaster, in contrast, can be very difficult to repair, and cost homeowners or commercial building owners, a fortune in maintenance services. Drywall is constructed to protect from the spreading of fires, and is considered one of the more fire-resistant materials avaliable. Call 915-691-0532 for drywall installation and repair in El Paso, TX.