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Through home addition, homeowners in El Paso are able to customize their homes to perfection. Even if you live in a custom home, there comes a time in which the family outgrows the home. But instead of moving out and leaving your neighborhood and memories behind, you can hire a home addition contractor to improve to your current home with useful additions. Home additions can be small and simple or grandiose and exuberant. No matter the size of the addition you’d like, MAK Roofing & Construction can take care of it. Even the most drastic home additions cost much less than moving out altogether. Best of all, additions add value to your home so if you decide to sell further down the road, you will more-than-likely be able to sell it for more than if it had no additions. Choose us as your home addition contractors!

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Expand Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the most practical room in the entire house so why not expand it so it can accommodate friends and family? Through home addition, you can completely reinvent your kitchen, from top to bottom. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of having a kitchen island but your kitchen was too small to accommodate such an addition. Fret not, MAK Roofing & Construction can add the necessary space to the kitchen so you’ll be able to have that kitchen island you’ve been dreaming of.

Add A Bathroom

Whether you’d like to add an entirely new bathroom to your home or you’d like to expand the current bathrooms to be more accommodating and comfortable, MAK Roofing & Construction can take care of it. Why not go all out and completely remodel your bathroom as well? Beautiful glass doors, clean designs, and natural skylights can turn your drab bathroom into a spa getaway. Or perhaps you’re tired of your children fighting over the bathroom every morning. MAK Roofing & Construction can add another fully functional bathroom for your family to be able to get ready for the day in peace.

Succeed With a Brand New Home Office

With technology constantly advancing, more and more people are making a living working from home. Instead of working in your bedroom, why not consider adding a new office? It can be designed to suit your needs perfectly. Add wide open windows to keep your mind fresh and rejuvenated throughout the workday. Now is the best time to add a new office to your home.

Accommodate Friends and Family with a New Guest Room

An extra room can go a long way. MAK Roofing & Construction can add a roof (or as many as you’d like) to your home. This room can be used as a family room, guest room, game room, or anything else! No longer will you have to pull out the worn-out sofa bed for your relatives during the holidays. Instead, you can add a beautiful new room for your visitors to feel comfortable and relaxed whenever they visit!

MAK Roofing & Construction Serves the El Paso Area

Home addition options come in all shapes and sizes, literally. You can decide to go small or go big. Almost anything is possible, especially when you hire MAK Roofing & Construction for the job. Contact us today for a free estimate.