Gusting Winds and the Danger of Roof Damage

windy fieldWhen dark clouds roll in and a storm is on the horizon, what flashes through your mind? Do you envision slashing rains, blinding snow, or piercing lightning? While these elements can create dangerous conditions, strong winds can be one of the most damaging elements of a storm. To help you counter wind damage in the future or any existing damage, we briefly walk through the specs of wind damage here.

Damage Induced by Wind

Wind does not blow over any surface evenly. This is true of roofs as well. The edges of a roof are subject to the initial impact of a blowing wind and are exposed to higher wind pressure than other areas on a roof. The center of a roof experiences the lowest wind pressure. Higher wind pressure provides a higher chance for damage, and this is why the edges of a roof are typically the first to sustain damage.

Wind damage is exacted when the wind pressure lifts roof material enough to allow wind to blow in underneath. The wind is then able to peel away the roof material and the damage is done. The recommended route to combating storm damage is through regular, professional roof inspections.

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