Flat Roofs Installation and Maintenance Services in the El Paso Area

Flat roofs are an affordable roofing option for commercial buildings in the El Paso area. Since the materials that are used to cover flat roofs tend to be less expensive than common roofing shingles, flat roofs are also a popular option for homeowners. Not only is the installation process affordable, maintenance is also much easier and less expensive. By installing a flat roof, you’ll be able to make use of this newfound space to place air conditioning units or solar panels on the roof. This is why flat roofs are so common among commercial spaces. If you’re in the El Paso area and you require flat roof installation and maintenance, choose MAK Roofing & Construction.

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Flat Roof Options Available for El Paso’s Home and Business Owners

There are many flat roof systems available for home and business owners in the El Paso area to benefit from. The MAK Roofing & Construction team has vast experience in flat roof installation and maintenance so when you choose us to install your flat roof, you can turn to us to take care of any future maintenance issues. Simply put, flat roofs provide many benefits, such as better insulation and ultraviolet protection. Due to the flat roof construction and installation process, this roofing system option is able to withstand high temperatures while keeping the interior of the building comfortable. MAK Roofing & Construction offers built-up roof membranes, modified bitumen sheet membranes, single-ply membranes, and metal panel systems. We also offer spray polyurethane foam services for long-lasting protection. With our help, you’ll be able to choose the best flat roof system to suit your wants and needs.

How Commercial Buildings Benefit From Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are commonly seen among commercial buildings. The flat environment gives building owners the ability to use the space for air conditioning units primarily. Flat roof systems are nearly impenetrable so the building’s interior won’t suffer from leaks. This is imperative in order to maintain a safe indoor environment for clients and customers. Another beneficial quality of flat roofs is their overall safety. If your commercial space has a pitched roofing system, it will be more difficult to tend to issues that may arise. A flat roof, however, gives maintenance workers the ability to easily get to the issue at hand and tend to it efficiently.

Flat Roofs for Residential Buildings

Although less common in residential buildings, flat roofing systems can be a beneficial choice for homeowners in the El Paso area. By installing a flat roof, homeowners will have an entirely new area to use. Start a rooftop garden or place your air conditioning unit on the roof. With spray foam services provided by MAK Roofing & Construction, homeowners won’t have to worry about air conditioned air escaping through the ceiling or ultraviolet rays penetrating through the roof. Flat roofs are an efficient, environmentally-friendly option for both home and business owners.

MAK Roofing & Construction is Your Go-To Team for Flat Roof Assistance

If you’re ready to experience the benefits afforded by flat roof systems firsthand, contact MAK Roofing & Construction. With over a decade in the roofing industry, our team can completely transform your roof and provide the services you require.