Finding the Location of a Roof Leak

toolsA roof leak of any size is a big concern. Water seeping through your ceiling or down your walls means that all the roofing material above has been soaked and damaged. To prevent the damage from compounding with each new storm, it is important to act quickly and start repairs. These quick tips on locating the source of a roof leak will help you get going.

To pinpoint the source of a leak, start by examining the entry point of the water from inside. This is easier in homes with an attic but can be accomplished with a little tenacity in homes that don’t have an attic. Then move to the roof to search for the leak, checking for rotten material, mold, and discoloration. Pay close attention to the areas that are interrupted by chimneys, vents, and other features.

To Begin Repairs

Locating the source of a roof leak is simply the first step in roof repairs. In the case of water damage from a roof leak, repairs should only be undertaken by a roofing professional to ensure all of the complications from roof damage are taken care of. For fast, affordable roof repair, call our qualified team today at 915-691-0532!