Home Insulation

Home Insulation Installation in El Paso

The most important part of any energy-efficient home is insulation. Without an effective insulation system featuring sealing and caulking, other components intended to lessen energy consumption might not perform as they were intended. A well-insulated home is one of the most effective ways to save energy and cutting monthly heating and cooling bills. Call MAK Roofing and Construction at (915) 691-0532, your home insulation replacement and installation company in El Paso.


High-quality insulation reduces noise transmission, so a well-insulated house is not just warm and energy-efficient, it’s acoustically comfortable, too. Sound dampening solutions maximize homeowners’ enjoyment of their space. In addition,  a top-notch noise control insulation system adds value to your home.

Expert Insulation Replacement

Perhaps most importantly, quality insulation limits the flow of heat into, as well as out of, the house. Heat always seeks a cooler area, flowing out in winter and in in summer. A reduction of  heat flow into an insulated building means less energy is used to cool the home. Proper insulation and weatherstripping can slash your monthly energy costs by up to 20 percent, according to the EPA’s Energy Star.

While insulation in a newer or custom-built house is usually high quality, insulation in an older home wears with age. Put on a glove to test for your insulation’s quality. Feel the attic insulation and if it begins to crumble it’s time to call MAK Roofing and Construction to replace it. It’s especially important to check your insulation if you have a pest infestation. Any signs of insects or other pests means the insulation needs to be replaced to rid your home of the pests. In addition, if your area has had heavy rains recently, check your attic insulation. If it gets wet and doesn’t dry properly, it can mold. Moldy insulation is a health hazard and needs to be replaced.

Remember, a quality home renovation begins with quality insulation. Call MAK Roofing and Construction at (915) 691-0532 for El Paso home insulation installation and replacement.