Home Additions

EL Paso Home Additions

Picture of home addition workYou don’t have a nursery for that upcoming addition to your family. Maybe you have more stuff than places to put it. You could leave your home, neighborhood, friends and schools. Or, you could call MAK Roofing and Construction, your home addition and renovation company in El Paso

Our highly-trained, experts not only do incredible home renovations, but amazing home additions, too. We specialize in teaming up with you and your family to add a beautiful kitchen, bathroom, patio, office, family room, game room or any other room you can think of. Your new addition will give you as much space as you need for much less than the cost of relocating.

MAK Roofing and Construction pledge to work with you to make your renovated home spacious and comfortable. We provide our clients the best in service and equipment at a price within their budget.


Reasons to add-on instead of move:

1. It’s cheaper:  The cost of buying a bigger home is usually more  than a professionally constructed addition.

2. Stability: Square footage is just part of the reason you decided your home. It’s more cost-effective to stay if you can, than to load up your possessions and move. A room addition could makes keeping your current life possible.

3. Added value to your home: The National Association of Realtors says that for every 1,000 square feet added to your home adds around 3 percent to its value. So, when you decide to sell, you can ask for and get more.

4. Less time waiting:  In most cases, professionally installed room addition takes less time than shopping for, buying, and closing on a new home and then moving. With a new room addition from MAK Roofing and Construction, you can move your family into your new room within a few months.

5. Practicality: A room addition is an intelligent, effective way to make your home exactly the home you want without moving. Increased space helps in practical ways, plus your home will increase in value.

Whatever your motivation for a new study, playroom. bedroom or guest suite, call MAK Roofing and Construction at (915) 691-0532, your renovation and home addition company in El Paso.