Helpful Tips to Protect Your Roof During the Summer

The unofficial summer weather has begun! It’s warm enough for a dip in the pool, hot enough for ice cream at night, and Memorial weekend is right around the corner. As a homeowner, this also signifies a couple of home maintenance items such as making sure your outdoor plants are getting adequate water and doing outdoor repairs before the triple digits strike.

One item you definitely want to have your mind before the scorching hot weather makes its appearance is your roof. There are a couple of things to consider doing to help protect it from the hot temperature and brutal UV rays. But not to stress, they’re simple and if you give us a call, we can tackle them before the ice cream melts!

Seal and Coat the Roof

A roof coating can protect your roof from the UV rays of the sun, which deteriorate the roof and make the inside of your home warmer. You want to make your roof has some form of protection, especially during the summer. We’re known as The Sun city for a reason and while we are fortunate to have all of those sunny days, it can come with a price. Thankfully, roof coatings that reflect UV rays are available. This coating help prevent cracks and splittings seams.

Have it Inspected Before the Start of a New Season

Having your roof inspected at least once a year or when El Paso sees a shift in temperatures such as before or after winter and summer can help protect it from damage that occurs with the outside elements. In the summer that tends to be rainstorms and in some cases hail.

Unfortunately, most roof damage can’t be seen from ground level. It’s also not safe nor advised to look for damage yourself. Instead, leave it to a professional roofer to find any problem areas on the roof, which if not fixed within time will lead to other damage.

Paint the Surface White

Just like we wear light colors to keep cool, your roof can benefit from having a light color of paint on its surface. White reflects the heat, which means your home will feel cooler as a result. This can easily translate to lower energy costs.

If you’re interested in keeping your home cool, lowering your energy costs, and helping to reflect the sunlight back into space, which according to the U.S. Secretary of Energy will help reduce global warming, then it’s time to have your roof painted white!

For More Roofing Tips, Contact Mak Roofing & Construction

Keeping your roof in good condition throughout the summer can mean avoiding a leak or damage from a wind or rain storm. At MAK Roofing & Construction, we service roofs throughout the El Paso area and roof repairs and installations for various types of residential and commercial roofs. If you’re interested in a roof coating as we talked about here in this blog, we can also apply a coating to your commercial or residential roof. Simply give us a call today to learn more!