Gutters: How Important Are They?

There’s a common misconception that gutters are optional for homes. Unfortunately and fortunately, that’s not the case! Gutters are indeed one of the most significant aspects for keeping the home safe. In addition to a sturdy roof, having gutters that are in excellent condition can help save you from extremely costly damage.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to focus on just how important gutters truly are. And if they weren’t that important, we certainly wouldn’t devote an entire blog post on them. Let’s dive in!

First, Why Do You Need Gutters?

In their simplest form, gutters help control rainwater from the roof onto the ground. They specifically move the water to a designated location. Without gutters in place, that rainwater would remain on top of your roof. Now imagine a big rainstorm like the ones we often see in the summer, where it rains for what feels like days on end. After a big rainstorm, that water would stay in the same place, eventually creating puddles. Then, those puddles would eventually begin to seep into the interior of your roof, causing anything from leaks to eventually mold.

Second, What Longterm Consequences Can Bad Gutters or Lack of Gutters Cause?

Having gutters in place doesn’t quite solve everything. With time, the changing of the seasons, and a good dust or wind storm, your gutters can easily become backed up with leaves, tree branches, debris, and anything that flies its way into what should be a drainage system. It’s important that you make sure your gutters are clear from any potential blockage. Failing to do so could result in the weakening of your home’s foundation. You also risk the great possibility that your roof will begin to seep in since water doesn’t have a place to go.

And Lastly, What Else Is At Risk?

Now that you have a sense of what type of damage you’ll be faced with if your gutters aren’t working the way they are intended to be or you simply don’t have gutters, we can present you with the bottom line. Gutters protect your home’s foundation, they keep your yard clean, and they help keep your roof strong. In addition to avoiding the costs of water damage and other potential property damage, you won’t be hit with the surprise of cracks in walls, termites, and a terrible odor coming from the yard.  

Have Your Gutters and Roof Professionally Inspected

The price of having good-working gutters easily outweighs any other cost that comes with the failure to ensure your gutters are working. Sometimes all it takes is one heavy rainstorm and your roof will be damaged by the next day. It’s not worth the risk! Have your roof and gutters professionally inspected by Mak Roofing & Construction. Give us a call today!