West Texas Landscaping Tips

Are you tired of your brown, lifeless yard? The landscaping experts at MAK Roofing and Construction can help spruce things up. Though you may think that nothing will grow in your El Paso or West Texas yard, that’s not true. You just have to pick the right plants. Follow these tips if you need help landscaping your El Paso yard.

El Paso landscaping

Know The Region

Far west Texas and the city of El Paso are in the Trans-Pecos ecoregion. This area experiences averages of eight to 15 inches of rain each year, with El Paso being drier than the eastern edge of the region. The average temperature is about 64 degrees Fahrenheit, so heat and dryness are major factors in planning your landscaped yard. You will most likely be under severe watering restrictions most of the year, so it is best to choose plants that do well with little water and full sun. Don’t worry, though; you have many more options than cacti and brown-green shrubs. There are many hardy, colorful flowers, shrubs and groundcovers that thrive in such conditions.

Choose Native

Plants that do best in any region are those that are native to the area. Native landscapes are easy to maintain and look beautiful. Some of the best flowers native to the El Paso area or do very well there include penstemon, poppy, sage, marigolds, evening primrose, coneflowers, and zinia. Excellent groundcover options include trailing lantana, creeping rosemary, and prairie sagebrush. There are even several low-water use trees that flourish in the El Paso area, including desert willow, mesquite, Texas persimmon, Palo Verde trees, and Juniper.

Planning is Key

Before you go to the nearest nursery and start digging flowerbeds, consider the best locations for your new plants. Placing them at the bottom of a slope will provide them with more water when it rains, and too many in one area can choke them. If you need help planning and executing your landscaping dream, give our professional landscaping contractors a call.

The team at MAK Roofing and Construction is experienced in West Texas’ unique landscaping requirements and will will have your yard landscaped to perfection. Call today at 915-691-0532 for an estimate!