Signs You Need New Gutters

new gutters

Your gutter system helps protect your home from water damage.

Gutters give your home an invaluable line of defense against the damaging effects of water. As rain falls onto your roof, your drainage system encourages the flow of water into your gutter system. If properly maintained and cleaned, the gutter system then efficiently channels the water to downspouts, and out to the perimeter of your home. Gutters that have become damaged cannot perform their job efficiently, and put the structure at risk for water damage. To determine whether you need new gutters, look for the following signs.

Indicators of a Need for New Gutters

Paint Peeling or Rust: The appearance of either of these indicates the continuous presence of water in your gutters. Water has corrosive properties, which over time will lower the resilience of your gutters. This only occurs, however, if the gutters fail to transport the water effectively from your home. As indicators of a need for new gutters, rust or peeling paint should set off alarm bells.

Water Around Your House: A gutter’s sole purpose is to transport water effectively from your house. If you notice that water has begun to pool around your structure, your gutters have failed. This could have resulted from improper cleaning, or separation of the gutters from your roof; either way, you’ll need to get them checked and possibly replaced.

Sags or Cracks: The most obvious sign of a need for new gutters comes from the condition of the gutters themselves. If your gutters have begun to sag, then they have reached the limit of their usefulness. Cracks also impede a gutter system’s function, and allow for water to escape and collect near your home.

If you noticed any of the preceding signs, then your gutters have become compromised. At the very least, you should get them checked with a trusted professional like MAK Roofing & Construction. For all concerns or need for new gutters in El Paso, TX, contact us today at 915-691-0532.