TPO Roofs

TPO Roof Installation, Repairs & Maintenance

There are many commercial roofing options available for flat and low sloped roofs. If your building is in need of TPO roof installation, repairs or maintenance in the El Paso area, give us a call. We are capable of handling all TPO roofing projects and will be glad to help you explore the options available.

TPO Roof (before & after)TPO roofs are a single-ply, easy to install, roofing membrane system. TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) is comprised of of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber. These roofs are often chosen because of their low cost and proven durability. They usually come in white, although other color options are available. Because of special coatings, all colors offer reflective surfaces, not just white.

Benefits of TPO

Some of the benefits of TPO roofing are the following:

  • Strong Puncture resistance
  • Reflective Surface repels UV rays and creates a cooler roofing system
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Exceptional flexibility through extreme temperatures
  • Strong seams

You might notice that most of these benefits reflect those of PVC, however TPO has a lower cost. TPO roofs employ a fairly easy installation process. They can be fully adhered, mechanically fastened, or ballasted. If you would like to learn about your TPO roof installation options, please talk to any of our experts at MAK Roofing & Construction. We will be happy to explain the different styles to you and help you decide the best TPO roof for your commercial building.

If your commercial building already has a TPO roofing system in place and it is in need of repairs or maintenance, we can offer you quality assistance. The maintenance of any roofing system is critical to the longevity of the system. TPO roofs are known for their strength and durability, but they are only as good as the installation and maintenance of the system. If someone else installed your TPO roofing system and you have not had routine maintenance performed recently, please give us a call. We can asses your roof to ensure it was properly installed and we can perform the routine maintenance that will keep it lasting for years to come.

Call us today for your TPO roofing needs. MAK Roofing & Construction is the number one choice for TPO roofs installation, repairs and maintenance in El Paso.