Shingle Roofs

El Paso Shingle Roof Replacement

American homes were first roofed with composite shingles more than 160 years ago. New Englanders in the 1840s shingled homes with fabric or felt material that was later coated in a mixture of sand and tar, then capped with asphalt-saturated material with a granular protective layer on top. This rudimentary shingle system has evolved into the country’s most common roof material. MAK Roofing and Construction provides 21st Century expertise for replacing and repairing any¬†shingle roof in El Paso.

shingle roof

Expert Shingle Roof Repair

Shingle roofs remain popular choices for homes and businesses for several reasons, foremost being the cost-effectiveness of shingle systems. Asphalt shingles are manufactured and sold as a bulk item, thereby making them cheaper than other roofing materials. Professional installation of a shingle roof is also quicker, resulting in low labor costs. Additionally, shingles, compared to tile, slate or some metals, are lightweight roofing options. What this means to a home or business owner is no additional structural imposition on most buildings. Add to that an almost endless selection of colors, textures and styles, a service life of 10 to 30 years and easy maintenance and shingle roofs become very attractive to building owners and managers. Requiring minimal maintenance and appropriate for most climates, including our hot, dry environment, shingle roofing is a big part of American homes, especially in El Paso.

The simple elegance of a professionally-installed shingle roof can appear uncomplicated. The process is, however, a complicated one, involving numerous factors and is generally best left to expert roofing contractors. That’s where MAK Roofing and Construction comes in. Call us at (915) 691-0532 for repairing or replacing your shingle roof in El Paso.