Metal Roofing – 5 Common Problems

One of the most important things protecting your home is one of the things you notice the least when you are inside your home – YOUR ROOF!  

Your roof has many important jobs to take care of all day every day such as keeping the rain out, keeping your home warm or cool, and protecting your home from the more adventurous wildlife in your neighborhood.

There are many varieties of roofing material available on the market today:  Traditional clay-based, wood, asphalt and others… but there’s one “veteran” material that’s been in use for decades in several long-standing structures in the United States – Metal Roofing.

Metal Roofing is a popular selection among contractors for many reasons, not limited to:

  • The ready availability of metal roofing sheets
  • Increased speed of construction
  • Can be secured with fewer screws than a smaller tile-based roofing material
  • Comes in large sheets that are manufactured to interlock with each other

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