Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass in El Paso

Hot El Paso summers mean two things to homeowners: You have to mow and your water bill gets higher due to watering your lawn. But with a call to MAK Roofing and Construction you can have your own Artificial Grass installation service in El Paso and do away with both.

Artificial Grass is a low-maintenance, worry-free option when it comes to keeping your lawn beautiful all year long. Synthetic grass from Artificial Grass is perfect fofr homes and businesses, as well as for municipalities and retail outlets seeking an attractive green space without the hassle and expense of maintenance and watering.


Artificial Grass creates a safe, comfortable, even surface that’s great for families, even kids and dogs. It’s a durable option for your lawn, too, since it has a long life span and isn’t damaged by rain or snow. Without mowing and watering you get a lush-looking green lawn throughout the year without burned brown patches or discoloring.

You’ll never have to shop for potentially dangerous pesticides or fertilizers with your ArtificialGrass lawn. Plus, you won’t ever have a muddy lawn or dirt-covered kids and pets from playing in the yard. Even the largest dogs won’t damage Artificial Grass. In fact, they love the soft texture. Artificial Grass drains easily and you clean up after your pets just like you do on natural turf.

Expert installation

Artificial Grass is the synthetic lawn of choice for hundreds of backyards, dog day care centers and other high-use application. Wny? Because of the time and money saved with Artificial Grass installation service in El Paso. Call MAK Roofing and Construction at (915) 691-0532 for an estimate.