El Paso Landscaping Contractor

Anyone familiar with the environment around El Paso knows summer heat is a fact of life which, by necessity expands your living area outdoors. That could mean a sheltered patio, water features, pools, pergolas and drought-resistant native plants are part of an overall landscaping design that can be professionally executed by MAK Roofing and Construction, a landscaping service company in El Paso.


The aesthetic appeal of a well-manicured outdoor space goes well beyond simply mowing and trimming. A professional landscaping contractor is equipped to inform you as an El Paso homeowner about your choice of decorative plants. For instance, with watering restrictions in place, a great place to start with your landscaping plan is with plants native to West Texas. These plants are hardy and can survive the intense heat and extended dry periods we’ve come to expect, and remain an attractive part of your property.

With water conservation always in mind, flowers, shrubs and other plants native to our naturally beautiful region are generally best for decorative landscaping. Sage brush, coyote bush or buffalo grass are excellent ground covers while evening primrose, pavonias and different varieties of penstemon are native flowers that thrive here. Any plants you choose must, obviously, be able to survive with little water and lots of sun. And, being native to the environment, they’ll need less attention in the areas of fertilizing or additives to the soil.

One trick professionals will use is to plant at the bottom of slight rises to take advantage of runoff when it does rain. Also, don’t plant flowers and shrubs in the same area as your ground cover, since they’ll all be fighting each other for moisture.

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