Hail Damage Roof Repair


Did you know that more than just your vehicle is in danger during a hail storm? When hail hits, it can do some major damage to the roof of your home along with a lot of other personal property.

Hail Damage Roof RepairBelow, you’ll find some elements that affects how severely your could be impacted during a hail storm.

Barriers: The position of structures surrounding your home can significantly decrease hail storm damage. These structures include fences, large tree covers, landscaping, and even neighboring homes or buildings.

Building materials: Various building materials absorb the impact of hail differently. For instance, grapefruit sized hailstones can be strong and heavy enough to penetrate a roof. On the other hand, smaller hailstones can cause small dents in  in asphalt shingles and aluminum siding, or even crack  wood shakes or vinyl siding.

Density and size: The overall size of the stone is a major contributor to the degree of damage that is caused to any home or business. Hailstones can range anywhere between pea size all the way up to the size of a softball.

Wind: The direction and speed of the wind during a hail storm can really ramp up.The varying wind conditions can significant;y impact the severity as well as the location of where the stones impact.

There have been several hail storms in the area lately. So if you or some believe that your roof has been impacted by these storms, don’t hesitate to call MAK Roofing and Construction. Our experts will come to your home, evaluate your roof, and provide you with your options. Pick up the phone and dial 915-691-0532 today.