Your Roof Withstanding This Winter’s Snow

wintry barnSnow is one of the most enjoyable aspects of winter, but too much of a good thing can have negative consequences. Snow is well known for bringing down power lines and even entire trees, but did you know that this wintry precipitation can also damage roofs? To help you actively prepare your roof to withstand the rigors of winter, we walk through the basics of snow damage here.

As snow blankets a roof, this extra weight adds strain to what your roof is designed to support. Roofs are created to bear a certain amount of weight and exceeding this range makes the chances for damage or even collapse much more likely. This type of damage is most often seen in aging or poorly cared for roofs, but any structure can sustain damage in this manner under the right circumstances.

The runoff water from melting snow also presents a potential source of damage by causing roof leaks. Runoff water can become trapped by ice and debris that has built up on the roofs, causing the water to sit and pool on the roof without draining. This sitting water will search out alternate drainage locations, often to our dismay, as the water invades weak spots in the roofing material or around vents and flashings.

Professional roofing inspections and maintenance are key in preventing snow damage. Call our team at 915-691-0532 to combat the negative effects of winter precipitation!