Rock Retaining Wall

Rock Retaining Wall in El Paso

The experts at MAK Roofing and Construction can help you select the appropriate retaining wall to meet your needs. Retaining walls halt erosion and support steep grade changes. In addition, a well-designed retaining wall adds an interesting, stylish design element to your home’s exterior. Your rock retaining wall installation contractor in El Paso is MAK Roofing and Construction.

With a huge variety of colors and sizes inherent in different stones, a rock retaining wall can feature almost any look. Plus, there is little to no maintenance for it.

Rock Wall under Trees

Of course, the main purpose for a rock retaining retaining wall is simply to hold back soil when there is a change in elevation. However, there are other uses that affect the aesthetics of your home. For instance, rock retaining walls can be used to terrace yards with a steep slope and create usable outdoor space.  Low rock retaining walls can actually be used for flower beds in a flat yard.

Expert Rock Wall Installation

When considering hiring someone to get the job done, make sure to get a qualified contractor, like MAK Roofing and Construction. A professionally constructed rock retaining wall will last for years with no maintenance. Improperly erected, however, your wall could lean, bulge or crack, becoming a constant problem.

There are also several design elements that may be incorporated into a rock retaining wall, like adding a water feature or fountain, installing built-in seating, a fireplace or landscape lighting. Also, remember to add steps if you intend to access the space above the wall.

For your own customized design, call MAK Roofing and Construction at (915) 691-0532. They’re your rock retaining wall installation company in El Paso.