Porch Installation

Porch installation in El Paso

nice looking porchIn the middle of the 19th Century, as American cities grew larger and families moved from apartments and tenement buildings to their own homes, porches emerged as the Rockwellian social center of homes and neighborhoods; they’re a place to see and be seen — to be outside while still in the shelter of the home. The original porches were attractive additions to homes, but had a unique function, as well.

MAK Roofing and Construction designs porches for homes in the El Paso area.  Our goal is to make each porch addition original and personalized to your home. Our expert craftsmen create porches that are not only welcoming, beautiful additions to your home, but are also functional. Call us at (915) 691-0532 for porch installation and replacement in El Paso.

Technology all but erased front porches by the 1950s. Radios and televisions inside the house kept neighbors from their outdoor spaces. In most instances, front porches were taken out of most new home plans. Some home design journals in the 1940s suggested one way to modernize your home was to remove your traditional porch and replace it with a small stoop.  But home design has gone full circle, and front porches are once-again included in most blueprints; porches are again gathering places for friends and family.

We will plan your porch project even if you have no idea where to start. We guarantee our plan will meet your criteria while seamlessly creating an appealing addition to your home.

Expert Porch Replacement

Building porches to withstand El Paso’s extreme weather conditions takes a special skill-set earned through years of experience. MAK Roofing and Construction offers cutting-edge solutions along with top-quality materials and products to make your porch uniquely yours. Call (915) 691-0532 for porch installation and replacement in El Paso.