Drywall Installation

El Paso Drywall Installation

Just a few generations ago, craftsmen installed plaster and lathe walls into new homes. During the Baby Boom, as the need for more houses jumped, homes had to be built faster and cheaper. As a result, drywall use increased and is now the standard-issue wall material in home building.

Any good paint job or remodeling project starts with a top-notch drywall job. After all, if the surface is not pristine, even the best finishes won’t cover up the imperfections. Drywall installation requires a specialized skill-set, specific tools and materials to get a seamless finish. Exact measurements and accurate cutting, without causing damage to existing surfaces, are reasons to let professionals handle the installation of drywall for your project. MAK Roofing and Construction is your drywall installation and repair contractor in El Paso.

Drywall in an empty house

Professional installers are generally able to hang the material in much less time than the average homeowner might need need. The skills and tools used by experts allow them to provide a surface to be muddied and taped easily for a smooth, even finish.

Expert Drywall Repair

Drywall, or sheet-rock, is usually used to create wall and ceiling surfaces in residential construction and renovation applications. Sheetrock is typically available in 4’x12′  sheets that which must be navigated through a work site and installed overhead. In addition, cutting drywall to accurately fit around doors, windows, outlets and light fixtures takes painstaking measuring and cutting to minimize the number of nails or screws used to hang the drywall. Professional drywall installers are trained and equipped to handle, fit, and hang large sheets of drywall safely and efficiently.

MAK Roofing and Construction has the training, the skills and the equipment to handle any drywall project. Give us a call at (915) 691-0532 for El Paso’s best in drywall installation and repair.