Cleaning Your Gutters

Keeping your gutters clean is an essential part of maintaining your household. They play a vital role in keeping rainfall from accumulating on your roof and near your foundation, which can cause structural damage. Debris, such as dry leaves, builds up over time, blocking the pathway through the gutters. Here is some basic information for keeping your gutters in working condition:






Your gutters should usually need cleaning twice a year or more. The best times to get this done are at the beginning of Autumn and the beginning of Spring. Fall cleaning will go smoother, as the leaves are dry and easy to remove. Don’t bother cleaning them during the month of August; the heat will be unbearable and all kinds of insects and arachnids will have moved in.


You should always inspect the overall state of your gutters during their cleaning. Loosened attachments, rust, and other major damage may mean it’s time to replace them. Iron gutters are more susceptible to rust. If you have them you may consider switching to aluminum since they have easier upkeep. Remember, a clean house is a happy house. Should gutter clogs effect the state of your roof, give MAK Roofing and Construction a call at (915) 691-0532.